Practise makes you perfect in Russian grammar!

Welcome to, an exercise program for building fluency in Russian grammar and vocabulary. From the menu on the left you find clear and concise explanations and charts about various Russian grammar topics, with links to efficient exercises.

If you need a traditional lesson-style teaching material about Russian grammar, I recommend Learn Russian site by Russia Today. You will find useful afterward when you want to train a solid routine in applying the grammar rules to a wide variety of syntax and vocabulary contexts.


27.12.2021 Content updates are still just peeking around the corner, but platform has gone through a major update. New NLP parser, new implementation language and new runtime environment in cloud.

27.3.2017 Vocabulary trainer for 10000 most common words! The vocabulary flashcards have been generated automatically from frequency lists and example sentences in

26.2.2017 Annotated example sentences now have pronunciation stress marked! Pronunciation stress data was extracted from Wiktionary.

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